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Swedish /Firm Pressure Massage     60 minutes   $75
Our GREAT massage reduces stress, relaxes tense muscles, enhances
lymphatic health, improves circulation, and increases energy flow.   
Our most popular massage feels good and is good for you!      
30 minutes  $50;     45 minutes $65;     75 minutes $90;     
90 minutes $110;      2 hour special $140.  
*Series of 3 (180 minutes total) $195
  *Valid 6 months

One-Hour Gift Certificate, $75...  or $90 with suggested Gratuity Included
Three 1-Hour Gift Certificates, $210 ... or $255 with Gratuity Included.    
Add a "Body Firming Treatment"  $20 additional to any massage!     
Click here for on-line Gift Certificate  

Deep Tissue Massage       60 minutes   $80
Deep muscle body work utilizes cross-fiber friction, trigger point therapy and medical massage
techniques to mobilize tissue contracted from injury or overuse.  These massage strokes allow the
therapist to go deeper into the affected muscles to increase circulation and flexibility and decrease
pain.  Recommended if you want deep pressure used throughout the massage.    
30 minutes $55;      45 minutes $70;      75 minutes $100;      90 minutes $130;
*Series of 3 (180 minutes total) $225   *
Valid 6 months  
One-Hour Gift Certificate, $80... or $96 with suggested Gratuity Included
Three 1-Hour Gift Certificates, $235... or $280 with Gratuity Included

The Exceptional Massage     60 Minutes $100  includes gratuity
A total rejuvenating experience designed to transform you in an hours time!  
Firm where there is tension and deeper body work where needed, yet gentle enough to perfectly relax
you.  Your choice of soothing Essential Oils and
hot, steaming towels make this massage a one of a kind experience.  
The Perfect Gift!           60 minutes  $100   includes gratuity
90 minutes  $150   includes gratuity
75 minutes   $125   includes gratuity

Body Firming Massage     60 minutes $140      90 minute $180
Experience our full hour or 90-minute Massage featuring Cell-U-Lift Body
Firming Creme for your problem areas.  Formulated to fight skin laxity on a
cellular level by  strengthening collagen fibers and reducing the volume of
lipid cells and underlying tissue.   $20 additional to regular massage prices, or
$140  for a One-Hour Massage which includes 5 oz. tube of Cell-U-Lift
for you to bring home and continue using (about 3 month supply).  
Cell-U-Lift Firming Body Creme, 5 oz. tube  $69.95 + tax

Head, Neck, Back & Shoulders         60 minutes $75
Your stressed muscles of the head, neck, shoulders, and back will be focused on to relax and sooth out
tension.     30 minutes $50      60 minutes $75

Four Hands Massage    45 minutes   $110
Two therapists work together in unison for the ultimate massage experience!

A Treat for the Feet     30 minutes   $55
A refreshing 30 minute peppermint foot treatment where your feet will be soothed,
massaged and pampered.    30 minute session  $55
Pre-book, pre-pay for 10 Sessions: 2x weekly, 5 weeks $500

Sports Massage     60 minutes   $80
Firm, full body massage focuses on weak, tender, overused or problem areas.  Gentle stretches help to
relieve tension, spasms and cramping.   Includes moist heat and essential oils to help soothe and heal.  

Hot Stone Massage     75 minutes   $125
This wonderful treatment uses smooth, heated basalt stones.  Deep relaxation is achieved as your
therapist intuitively places hot or cold stones on the body.  Hand-held stones are then used to apply
soothing pressure, enhancing this therapeutic massage.  

Couples Massage Class     60 minutes, 2 people   $100
Bring your spouse, friend, sister or significant other and learn a few basic techniques to help your loved
one after a stressful day.  After this session you’ll be able to provide a quick basic massage for your
partner.  A great gift for couples, Bridal Shower, Valentine’s Day, Father’s or Mother’s Day,
anniversaries or other special occasions.  

Couples Massage      60 minutes    $150
Our rooms are  large enough for only one in a room, so come in together and you will each have your own
room and therapist for your own massage.  Come with your spouse, friend, sister or significant other and
relax!  Makes a great gift.  Party of 3, $210;   Party of 4, $280.   Gratuity extra.  

Pregnancy Massage     60 minutes   $75
This nurturing treatment is designed to facilitate total relaxation and increase energy during this
physically challenging time.  This massage helps to gently
relieve back and neck pain, foot fatigue, insomnia, headaches and sinus pressure.  

Raindrop Technique     60 minutes   $100
Aromatherapy bodywork.  In this treatment, 7 powerful therapeutic grade essential oils and 2 oil blends
are used on the feet, spine and back using specialized massage techniques.  Relaxing under hot, steamy
towels, the oils penetrate deep into your tissues helping to reduce inflammation and muscle tension
caused by physical and environmental stressors.  

Aromatherapy Raindrop Massage     90 minutes   $135
Combine the benefits of Raindrop (above) with a Swedish Massage for a totally soothing, rejuvenating

Eldersage     60 minutes   $75
A unique massage session for Seniors or those with special needs including Dementia.  Provides the
healthy benefits of touch in a safe and appropriate session with compassionate care.  Respect of the
client is foremost with chronic ailments and emotional states taken into consideration.   A slow, relaxing,
nurturing treatment with use of safe strokes focused on the individual contributes to a feeling of
wholeness, being cared for and recognition of being worthwhile.   

Reiki      60 minutes $75        4 Hand Reiki  60 minutes $105
Relieve stress, relax and re-energize with this gentle Japanese energy technique that brings energy
into the body and rebalances.  Helps emotional and physical healing.  A treat for your body, mind and
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